Thanks You Trips! This Is Amazing Travel!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. The travel was very very very good/fantastic. The customers were very happy about the excellent services (hotels, restaurants, guide) that you have reserved. I thank you especially for your attention to our group and for the wonderful gift you sent me. I’m sorry that my English is bad and therefore I can’t thank you as I would if I could write in Italian.

What we liked most was your company! First it was great to see that Omani people actually really work (not so much the case in the UAE), second to see that you love your country and wants to show it to foreigners. Most importantly we had a lot of very interesting conversations about many things which gave us new insights and aspects of the Middle East. To share some thoughts and discuss questions about life was very enriching. We hope you felt the same way.

We had great time in Oman and Emirates. We were very happy with Nasser as our guide. Accommodation, excursions, vehicle and meals were very good during all travel. Only hotel in Sur was a bit under level in compare with other hotels. Hotel in Dubai was very good, unfortunately too far from Burj Khalifa where we celebrated New Year. As I was afraid, because of too many people, it was not possible to use metro or to find a taxi after midnight, so we had to walk 2-3 hours to get to our hotel. But ok…

The tour was special as your Country is simply wonderful and people really guesting. Your services were also pretty good even if during the agreed itinerary we’ve skipped several places (Barka – Wadi Mistal – Wakan village – Izki – some oasis and visiting Bedu in Wahiba Sands – Ras Ruways  beach – Ayega – Wadi Arbeen – Wadi Dayqa) due to guide decisions (the same guide took us anyway to Amoage factory that was not included in the tour schedule).